Afternoon Grazing Velura™ Throw Blanket

Afternoon Grazing Velura™ Throw Blanket

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In Afternoon Grazing, Dawn Oman has captured the essence of the Caribou using the vivid, earthy colors characteristic of her style. Her bold use of color and brilliant combinations is a recognizable and recurrent theme throughout her work: “My work reflects my fascination with color and the power of a joyful image to bring light to the soul at any time the spirit is in need of a reminder, that in beauty, there is peace.”

The Inuit word for Caribou is “Tuktu,” and the Caribou is a powerful totem within Native American culture. With its adaptability to adversity and preference to be nomadic, the Caribou symbolizes protection for the traveler, but with the sensitivity to maintain the bond to family while roaming far from home.

Dawn Oman is a Métis artist born in Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, Canada. Of Chippewyan and Welsh descent, she is a direct descendant of Chief Snuff of the Yellow Knives, one of the signers of the historic Treaty 8 with the Government of Canada.


  • Size: 50″ x 60″
  • Material: Velura™